Tarot Readings

A brief history

I began my Tarot journey in middle school and quickly gave it up because no one else I knew was interested and as most middle schoolers, I just wanted to fit in.

Fast forward to 2018 after I went through my Saturn return, where I found myself dumped, broke and completely confused as to what I should even be doing with my life, that's when I ordered a new deck and took off on my spiritual journey.

Since then I have practiced on myself and with friends, but I have felt called to further my practice and knowledge by working with others. 


I am offering a 30 minute, three card reading for $15. Payments must be made through Venmo @JoellenRandall

The three card spread can be used to ask about the following:

Past | Present | Future
Current Situation | Obstacle | Advice
You | The Other Person | The Relationship
Mind | Body | Spirit
You | Your Current Path | Your Potential

What to expect

Prior to the reading I will reach out to you through email (so please include your email at checkout) to schedule the reading. Since this is a service, there will be no refunds offered.  In case of a scheduling issue I will need to be notified 72 hours in advance to reschedule. If you end up not reaching out until the day of you will lose your spot and there will be no refund. Time is energy and must be respected by both parties.

For further questions or inquiries please email me at