Q. What if my jewelry breaks?

A. Our jewelry is delicate so we understand that accidents happen! Depending on the issue most repairs will be free!

Send us an email with a photo attached of what needs to be repaired. We'll assess the repair and if any new materials will need to be added before accepting the repair. If it's accepted we'll provide you with an address to ship the return and an invoice if there are new costs accrued.

There will be no further local meetups for DFW residents.

Q. Do you offer custom jewelry?

A. Yes! We love working with you to create a piece that is one-of-kind! Just send us an email to collaborate!

Q. Can I upgrade my metal from brass to 14k gold fill?

A. Yes! We can absolutely do that for you! The cost of the upgrade is dependent on the jewelry piece. All you have to do is email us with your request.

Q. Can I ask you to hold a product for me and pick up at a show you're doing?

A. Sure!! You will be required to make payment at time of the request, not at the show. If you do not show up at the show you will have 72 hours to reach out and request a pick up time or purchase a shipping label. Otherwise I will refund you the full amount. If this happens a second time, then this courtesy will no longer be offered to you.


All inquiries regarding the questions should e-mail us at for pricing and repairs.