• Friday Faves

    Anyone else have a hard time getting back into the swing of things after they come back from vacation? I feel like this week was a doozy with projects and acclimating to that none desert life. I had a Pop Up with my friend Monica at WineHaus in Fort Worth this past Thursday and I'm gearing up for some upcoming shows and workshops! 
  • Friday Faves

    This will be my first time going to west Texas and my first time in Marfa. Since moving to Texas in 2014, traveling to El Cosmico has been high on my bucket list and now I am going and not just for vacation. I am headed there to teach a WORKSHOP FOR MINX AND WILD. Pinch me please.
  • Aura Reading

    Everything has energy, even the chair you are sitting on. Have you ever walked into a room and instantly felt a chill run down your spine or have you ever met a person that was so warm and welcoming it was like a warm blanket was wrapped around you?