• Friday Faves

    Today, for my Friday Faves, I want to share that Minx and Wild is finally opening a tiny little storefront this December! It's been a dream of mine since I was a kid to own my own store front. I never knew what I would be selling, but here we are...I will be selling my own jewelry designs, plus partnering with local artists and my friend, Dan's beautiful crystals and fossils.
  • Full Moon Rituals

    Happy Friday the 13th! Friday was known as the day of the woman. It was named after the Norse Goddess Freya (also known as Frigg). She was the Goddess of Love and Fertility and it was a day that celebrated women and goddess energy. The number 13 is a magic number. According to Donna Henes the number 13 is the lucky number of the great goddess, blood, fertility and lunar potency.