The veil has thinned and we are transitioning from Autumn to Winter. This is a time to reflect on our ancestors and honor their lives before us. They are here to guide us and connect with us as we make our way through the physical plane. People ask me how to connect with their ancestors and spirit guides and the only answer I can give is to just say hello. It feels weird the first time you do it because it feels like you're talking to yourself, but it's no different than praying. 

One way I like to celebrate and honor my ancestors on Halloween is decorate a small area in my home with their photos and keepsakes. It allows me to feel connected to them and see that they left behind something tangible. Below is an image of my grandmother as a baby in the baby carriage with my great-grandfather and great-grandmother. I want to say they were in Utah at the time, but I honestly have no idea. I am drawn to this image because of the absolute joy on my grandmother's face. So fresh faced and innocent. I don't know what her life was like but there was a lot of conflict between her and the rest of my family. It leaves me wondering what took place to cause the pain and suffering later in her life. I guess I like looking at this photo because it reminds me that there is a spark of joy in everyone and that's ultimately where I want to get to in my daily life. Also, can we talk about the uncanny resemblance of the dog in the photo and my dog, Tallulah? 

This Halloween I will be celebrating by journaling (my fave), pulling cards and watching some of my favorite seasonal movies, which I am going to list out for you! Let me know in the comments if you've ever watched any of these before or if you have some delightful witchy movies for me to check out!

Fave Witchy Movies 

I Married A Witch
Veronica Lake plays the witch who comes back to exact revenge on the man whose family burned her at the stake. 

Bell, Book & Candle 
Jimmy Stewart and Kim Novak star in this delightful tale of a witch falling in love with a mortal. Her costumes were incredible and I forever want to find that red velvet dress.

A Girl Who Walks Home Alone At Night 
This movie is about a female vampire in a small town in Iran who preys on men that disrespect women. It also stars my dream fictional male character. Tall, dark, handsome and has a cat. Here's the link to maybe the most magical love scene to date.

Practical Magic
Okay, this was my first taste of witches when I was a kid and therefore greatly impacted me for the rest of my life. I love the idea of a history of women living in a New England town in a home that has been passed down for generations dealing with a curse preventing them from living happily ever after with their true love. I love how they showed women's intuition and how we really know what's going on if we just listen to ourselves. Curses only can hurt you if you believe in them. Magic is intention. 

Hocus Pocus
Obviously a classic! A talking cat, a weird zombie and three crazy witches. As soon as October 1 hits I usually watch this to kick off the Halloween Season.  


I'll also be sharing a fun Halloween inspired playlist later today on my instagram! So be on the lookout! 






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