Full Moon Rituals

Full Moon Rituals

Happy Friday the 13th! Friday was known as the day of the woman. It was named after the Norse Goddess Freya (also known as Frigg). She was the Goddess of Love and Fertility and it was a day that celebrated women and goddess energy. The number 13 is a magic number. According to Donna Henes the number 13 is the lucky number of the great goddess, blood, fertility and lunar potency. There are 13 moon cycles in year and menstruating women can have 13 cycles in year. Much of the superstition surrounding Friday the 13th came from Christianity because Friday was believed to be the day that Jesus died and the number 13 is associated with Judas. 

Since tomorrow is Friday the 13th (the Harvest Moon) and I personally feel a connection to the goddess energy, I wanted to go over the popularity of the full moon and how you can honor its energy.

What was once considered nothing more than old wives tales or superstitions has now become a very popular, dare I say, fad, in our culture. Every 4 weeks you will see your instagram feed fill with information on the full moon and whatever sign it's in and how that could potentially affect you. I didn't start learning or even understanding what the moon phases were or how they played into my life until two years ago. That's when I started my healing work and became connected to my spiritual side and could relate to those posts. I have always felt drawn to the moon and nighttime. Spending time underneath the moon is when I feel most grounded and alive.

This being said, I think there is a lot of pressure placed on people to hold rituals for the full moon and it can sometimes feel overwhelming. The truth is, you can celebrate the moon however you want! Some moons I feel nothing, others I am an emotional wreck that can barely handle my sock slipping in my shoe.

Each moon is different and therefore you can honor it in whatever manner feels right for you! Listed below are some ways to celebrate and honor the moon.


There are a lot of great spiritual teachers on social media who know the stars and moon better than I do, so find someone you jive with and see what they recommend journaling about on the full moon. If you prefer to go the intuitive route then I would recommend meditating and see what comes to the surface. I spend anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour writing. It all depends on what I'm dealing with at the time.

Pull Cards

This might be getting a bit woo-woo for some people, but I work with Tarot and Oracle cards. For me, it's a way to connect with my spirit guides and guardian angels. Sometimes I don't listen to them intuitively so the cards are a physical representation of what they are trying to tell me and if I still don't get the message they usually throw a life lesson at me. The decks I use are The Starchild Tarot Akashic Records deck, the Wild Unknown Animal Spirit deck, and the Goddess Guidance Oracle cards. When it comes to selecting your deck go with your gut. There is no right or wrong way to do it. 

You can start your card pull by cleansing them with incense or sage, I usually have a question come to mind or I select a prompt from one of the teachers I follow on instagram. Then I ground down by closing my eyes and letting my hands hover over the cards. It's kind of like using a ouija board, but less spooky. Then I journal about the cards and see how it resonates with what's going on in my life.

Take A Bath

I have a cancer moon and rising in my natal chart, so you best believe that I am a firm believer in water healing. If I'm having a really rough day I might even take two baths to soak away the negative energy. I usually fill my bath water with scented bath salts, bubble bath, some crystals if I'm feeling it and then I light a really great smelling candle. My current favorite is the Woods candle by Sydney Hale Co. It smells like palo santo to me, but the description says it has "Bay Leaf, bergamot, sharp and resinous Australian sandalwood, smoked cedarwood and dried hay." The other awesome thing about this company is that they donate 10% of their sales to animal shelters and she lives in my hometown of Richmond, VA.

Cleanse Your Space

You will see "cleanse your space" as a suggestion on many internet posts. This is referring to you physically cleaning your space and then walking around using incense like Nag Champa while saying a blessing. It's best if you have your windows open so the "negative" energy has a way to leave your physical space. It's been popular in the past to use white sage and palo santo to help cleanse spaces, people and auras, but due to overuse and cultural appropriation it is not recommended to use these. Other herbs you can use to clean your space is Frankincense, cinnamon (sticks), and rosemary.   

Charge Your Crystals

I have a cat that takes this as a personal challenge to knock all of my crystals off my windowsill while I try to charge them under the Full moon. If that's the case for you too you can always charge them with moon water! Moon water is distilled water that is placed in a large canister that you can infuse with different herbs and place under the moonlight. After you charge the water you can take some for yourself to drink or use when needed.


If you're someone who needs to be social, you can always have a Full Moon gathering where you can do any of the above activities with friends. Sometimes the energy amplifies when you have others around you working with the moon. You could always do a potluck and then practice pulling cards for each other or just have a journal party!

However you decide to celebrate the Full moon I would recommend taking a few minutes to appreciate the magnificence of it and how it has played such an integral role in our bodies and lives.


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