Friday Faves

Friday Faves

Anyone else have a hard time getting back into the swing of things after they come back from vacation? I feel like this week was a doozy with projects and acclimating to that none desert life. I had a Pop Up with my friend Monica at WineHaus in Fort Worth this past Thursday and I'm gearing up for some upcoming shows and workshops! 

On Oct 20, I will have a Design Your Own Earrings Class at Three Danes Inn in Fort Worth, Tx. On Nov 2, I will be at the Camp Bowie Fall Festival! This is my first time and it's a great family friendly event! On Nov 3, I will be hosting a Design Your Own Necklace Class at Flea Style in Deep Ellum, space is limited so you'll want to sign up soon! Make sure you check out the Events page on Minx and Wild to keep up with all the shopping opportunities!

Time to get into my Friday Faves:

Current fave song: Today by Jefferson Airplane

Current fave crystal: Blue Calcite is a stone that helps open up your psychic ability, enhances your creativity and could potentially offer some healing while you're in pain. It can also help clear any negativity in an area. I bought my large blue one while I was in Marfa, so it has the extra goodness of the desert.

Current fave activity: I would say anxiety, but that's not something I'm actually enjoying. For the past week I've had a couple of panic attacks that I think were brought on from my disconnection to my real life and now I'm realizing I'm not really honoring myself or how I want to live my life. I felt a large shift once October came and I know there is going to be some life altering events coming my way again. I'm just hoping it won't be as traumatic as some of the other events that took place this year.

This is a short little post because I'm working on a big Marfa post this weekend to recap all the magic that happened! I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend xoxo


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