• New Moon in Taurus + Earth Day

    This is my first blog post since we've entered this strange new world. At the beginning of the year I felt the need to go within, to not be as busy and I'm realizing it was to prepare me for this new reality. 
  • Fridays Faves

    Friday Faves So, I took a bit of a hiatus from writing my Friday Faves for you guys. At the end of last year I had to move from one apartment to a...
  • Friday Faves

    Today, for my Friday Faves, I want to share that Minx and Wild is finally opening a tiny little storefront this December! It's been a dream of mine since I was a kid to own my own store front. I never knew what I would be selling, but here we are...I will be selling my own jewelry designs, plus partnering with local artists and my friend, Dan's beautiful crystals and fossils.

    The veil has thinned and we are transitioning from Autumn to Winter. This is a time to reflect on our ancestors and honor their lives before us. They are here to guide us and connect with us as we make our way through the physical plane.
  • Friday Faves

    For this Friday Faves I am preparing to head to Asheville, North Carolina for my birthday weekend. I mentioned this trip a couple of blog posts before on how I'm making this a pilgrimage of sorts. My dad's side of the family lived in the mountains of North Carolina and unfortunately we were never close. I'm not necessarily going to visit family, but it's more so that I can visit the land and get a feel for where my ancestors lived.
  • Friday Faves

    Anyone else have a hard time getting back into the swing of things after they come back from vacation? I feel like this week was a doozy with projects and acclimating to that none desert life. I had a Pop Up with my friend Monica at WineHaus in Fort Worth this past Thursday and I'm gearing up for some upcoming shows and workshops! 
  • Friday Faves

    This will be my first time going to west Texas and my first time in Marfa. Since moving to Texas in 2014, traveling to El Cosmico has been high on my bucket list and now I am going and not just for vacation. I am headed there to teach a WORKSHOP FOR MINX AND WILD. Pinch me please.
  • Friday Faves

    Happy Friday the 13th Goddesses! Have you felt the shift in energy? Today the moon is in Pisces which is a water sign and one of the more psychic signs. This is the perfect time to meditate and reach out to any spiritual guides you work with. 
  • Full Moon Rituals

    Happy Friday the 13th! Friday was known as the day of the woman. It was named after the Norse Goddess Freya (also known as Frigg). She was the Goddess of Love and Fertility and it was a day that celebrated women and goddess energy. The number 13 is a magic number. According to Donna Henes the number 13 is the lucky number of the great goddess, blood, fertility and lunar potency.
  • Friday Faves

    I have some exciting news for you all! Last week Flea Style in Dallas started carrying my line of jewelry! 
  • Friday Faves

    This week I've spent a lot of time reflecting on ancestry and where I grew up. Even though I've been in Texas for 5 years now I still feel an innate pull back to the East Coast. It's a weird feeling because Fort Worth feels like home, but I still have a strong connection to where my family is from.
  • Aura Reading

    Everything has energy, even the chair you are sitting on. Have you ever walked into a room and instantly felt a chill run down your spine or have you ever met a person that was so warm and welcoming it was like a warm blanket was wrapped around you?